The Hampers are coming!….


We’ve had great fun coming up with new products to fill our Christmas hampers with. We’re even making our own decorations 🙂 They’re a great idea for family, friends ( your partners parents!) and colleagues or clients at Christmas. Prices start from just £25. Lets hope they go down well this Friday at Greenwich market, where we’ll be giving them their first trial!

Jane & Regan


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2 responses to “The Hampers are coming!….

  1. Hi Jane and Regan
    The products look great and I love your branding and logo!
    Pascale at

    • Hi Pascale,

      Pleased you like our stuff 🙂 we’ve only just started and so feedback like that is so lovely to hear! We’re at Greenwich market tomorrow selling our wares and getting into the Halloween Spirit! We’ve also just added some new products to the site (check out the bespoke cake stand!) The photography on your site is AMAZING – do you take them yourself?

      Jane & Regan

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