The second day!!

Another great day at the market, and it seems that we already have some regulars! Two trays of the famous brownies sold out before lunch time, and we had people come back from tasters upset that they couldn’t get any – so don’t worry, we’ll be making sure there’s more than enough for next time. Our ‘special of the day’ this week was Irish fruit bread – made by Janes aunty (in Ireland!) and enjoyed by all.

We hope to be in Greenwich again for the upcoming 25th anniversary on 21st May. Specials to be announced shortly!
Jane and Regan

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The First Day!!

Great first day on the stall, bit daunting when we arrived to an empty market!!  We soon got set up and within a couple of hours it felt like we’d always been there.  Regan why did we not do this before!

Good buzz around the stall all day with lots of positive feedback on the display, products and logo (thanks again Martin!!).  Sold out of most of our produce and gained lots of good ideas for our first proper day next Friday (7th May).

Good day had by all, thanks to all the helpers and babysitters 🙂 and to Scarlett for being a star!

Come down soon all and try the already famous “Great British Brownie”!



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Trial day is a success!

Thanks to everyone who supported us on our trial day yesterday. We almost sold out, and the stall was well received by everyone that came to visit/buy.

Thanks in particular to Martin Irish for our great brand identity, to PMS Printers in Sydenham for our lovely labels, and to Tyler (who also makes great wedding videos!) for his photography and support throughout the day.

We’ll be posting up lots of pics shortly for you to see, and have been given the opportunity to go back on Friday – so we’ll be in Greenwich market on Friday 7th May. Come down for some free samples of the Great British Brownie, and to try our delicious Banana, nut and apricot loaf.

Jane and Regan

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Mothers day honeycomb

It’s always nice to give a personal touch to a Mothers Day gift, and what better way than to make this delicious honeycomb – aka ‘Hokey Pokey’ by Nigella Lawson. Wrap up chunks of the golden honeycomb in baking paper and tie with string for a rustic look, or place some tissue paper into a pretty box to give it a decadent feel.


100g white caster sugar

4 tblspns golden syrup

1 and half teaspoons bicarbonate of soda

100g milk cooking chocolate (optional)

1. Add the sugar and syrup to saucepan. Stir together, and then once incorporated, turn on the hob to a medium heat and leave to melt.

2. Once melted, turn up the heat slightly, enabling the mixture to bubble – leave for approx 2 minutes

3. Remove the pan from the heat, add the bicarbonate of soda, and with a whisk, mic everything together so that it bubbles – don’t whisk for too long as the air will go.

4. Add some baking paper to a shall baking tray and then pour the mixture onto it.

5. Place in the fridge to set for at least an hour then remove and smash into pieces.

6. Once you’ve smashed the pieces, you can either eat as is, or if you’d like to coat in chocolate, simply melt some milk cooking chocolate into a bowl over a saucepan of hot water and then dip in each piece of honeycomb until covered. Return to the fridge for the chocolate to set.


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Granny’s cookbook!!

Following the meeting with Martin, rushed home, (via Wittards!),  full of ideas.  Mum found my Grandmother’s old recipe book dating from 1939-93!  Started the year she got married it ranges from cheese souffle to cauliflower salad!? Loads of fab old 1950’s recipes including various chutneys and jams and other pantry fayre 🙂

Cracked straight on and cooked some Gingerbread Biscuits, delicious!!

Looking forward to lots more tasty treats from the old book.  Feels like things are moving forward and coming together……

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Identity & marketing

We had a really exciting meeting yesterday with Martin Irish, the lovely man that’s going to be coming up with the designs for our new logo, signage and other much needed marketing materials. We both came away feeling very inspired and can’t wait to see some of his ideas over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space as we’ll be sharing some of it with you! Here’s an example of our moodboard so that you can see what we’re inspired by…

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The name!!

Sunday 7th March

We met in Greenwich market to do a reccy of what stalls are currently there, to see what they’re selling and what prices things are. It was a gorgeous sunny day and so tons of people were walking around and it gave us a great opportunity to see what was and wasn’t selling. Slowly it became apparent that although there are plenty of food stands but none of them seemed to be selling traditional English food to the tourists and locals.

A quick cup of tea in Peter Wiers cafe, and the vision and name was born. The Great British Pantry – a stall that sells grown up seasonal jams, chutneys and hot soups. We would ensure that the best of British is celebrated – from strawberry and Pimms jam at Wimbledon time, to leek and potato soup on St David’s day.

We were so excited that when it came to time to pay for the tea and leave, we realised that we only have £3.50 and needed £4. Jane waited in the cafe while I ran to the cash point – then after a long conversation about how bloody expensive the two cups of tea were, we realised that there are huge profit margins to be had, and that tea is of course ‘quintessentially British’ – so it’s going on the list! along with everything that accompanies it – tea pots, tea cosys, teacloths – you name it, The Great British Pantry will have it!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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